As technology advances, rugged tablets and netbooks continue to get smaller, slimmer and more
lightweight, increasing portability. However, many models of netbooks and tablets are relatively
fragile. In order to ensure the long life of a tablet, companies should consider purchasing their rugged
tablet from the maker of the nearly indestructible Mil-Spec tablet, SECO USA.

Get Durability from a Rugged Tablet

A rugged tablet from SECO USA is specifically designed to withstand extreme conditions, such as:
temperature, exposure to fluids, and shock and vibration. While these devices are designed for use in
commercial settings and for outdoor research, in military environments and in other intensive work
situations, they also may be ideal for those who want to purchase the most durable netbook or tablet

The rugged tablet features a dual-core ARM Cortex A-8 processor, and 7” Pixel Qi sunlight readable
display with ambient light sensor for automatically brightness control.. . of the submersible, rugged
tablets also has speakers, a microphone and a camera built into the customizable and brandable shell.
The unique rugged tablet weighs less than 1.5 pounds and that can hold a battery charge for up to 10

SECO USA’s rugged tablets offer durable, long-life designs perfect for use by military, medical, industrial
or any marketing seeking a tablet solution more robust than the average commercial tablet. For more
information on SECO USA tablets, please fill out an info request form.

Why Use the Hydra-T3 Rugged PC Tablet from SECO USA?

While some PC tablets are also used in commercial settings, they largely are most suitable for office or
retail environments. They may be fully functional in a standard indoor work environment, but the work
environment in some companies is more intense. Workers in manufacturing facilities and labs or those
who work outdoors conducting research, in military zones and more need a more durable PC tablet
that has been designed to withstand the elements and that will hold up well in extreme conditions.
With a closer look at the Hydra-T3 rugged PC tablet from SECO USA, it is easy to see why this
is the model of tablet PC that you want to purchase.

The Hydra-T3 rugged PC tablet is designed for work environments that require a rugged device. This is
a machine that is designed to be waterproof and impermeable to damage from other types of fluids. It
also can be used outdoors in any temperature and has also undergone MIL-SPEC testing for drop and
shock and vibration.. The Pixel Qi display is sunlight readable with a resistive touchscreen that allows
users to operate the device with gloves. This is a device that is suitable for manufacturing facilities,
medical environments and more. It boasts a 10 hour battery life, so you can rest assured that you can
continue to use it throughout a long workday.

The Hydra-T3 rugged PC tablet is the first in a lineof several upcoming models available through
SECO USA. The company is known for providing the highest quality of rugged mobile devices
and tablets for a variety of markets, including military, medical, industrial and infotainment. For
product inquiries, pelase fill out the contact form.
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