The tablet industry continues grow, and Android touch tablets are on a path to dominate the tablet market. Android tablets tend to be more inexpensive and flexible than the iPad, as well as coming in a variety of sizes. Consumers can choose from a 7” Android tablets, a 10” Android tablet, or other sizes as well. In addition to size, the operating system of a custom commercial Android tablet can be modified to meet very specific requirements, since the tablet is built on this open source Android platform, unlike the iPad built on the propriety iOS.

Hydra-Q6 rugged tablet

So which is the best Android touch tablet? That question depends on the use of the tablet. For basic consumer and ordinary business use, these are many options from standard tablet vendors. For more demanding applications, such as medical, military, or industrial use, the Android tablet must not only include the basic functions available in standard tablets, but also account for ruggedization, custom functions, enhanced security, and long term stable supply chains. For such applications, an industrial Android tablet designed and built from the ground up – including its electronics, packaging, and accompanying Android operating system – may be imperative.

Since 2000, SECO USA has been a leading provider of low-power embedded circuitry, devices, and software to OEM developers of handheld and wireless devices. In addition to single board computers, SECO USA manufactures its own rugged tablets, including the 7″ Hydra-Q6. The compact design is light weight, ultra-low power and optimal for ODMs in the industrial, infotainment, military or medical industry. For more information or to have SECO USA help with mobile device needs, please contact SECO USA.

Customize Your Android Tablet with SECO USA

Sometimes, a tablet with standard interfaces is not sufficient to perform the job. A medical Android tablet may require a specially keyed connector to interface to a proprietary diagnostic device. A military tablet may require incorporation of a secure radio or ability to zeroize internal memory upon detection of physical tamper. An industrial Android tablet may need a wired interface to a set of environmental sensors, or be designed for safe operation in explosive environments. The ability to customize Android tablet devices for specialized applications requires precise understanding of the underlying electronics, Android operating system for customized support of the electronics, packaging, security, thermal management, supply chain, and more.

SECO USA specializes in providing mobile and wireless devices for a variety of business applications. Our rugged computers and tablets are specially designed for use outdoors and in mobile commercial settings. They are used in military operations, medical facilities,outdoor research environments and other related settings. Our expert team of technology experts can discuss your specific use cases in detail and can provide you with technical feedback and cost estimate.

Contact SECO USA to discuss semi-custom and custom electronic products for your specific business needs.