Frequently Asked Questions


What is included with an SECO USA development platform?

Development platforms include the hardware and operating system software that allow you to jump-start application development. This includes SECO USA COTS single board computer (SBC) hardware, operating system software including source code, standard peripheral interface ports, embedded display usually with touchscreen, and more. Current operating systems supported on SECO USA COTS product are Android and Linux. Windows CE is available for the Fury TI OMAP. Other operating systems may be possible; please contact us for feedback.

Hardware on Development Platforms

  • Fury or Siren single board computer (SBC), usually with a matching Muse I/O breakout board
  • Standard peripheral interfaces, including USB host (Type A), USB On-the-Go (micro USB), Ethernet (RJ-45), RS-232 (DB-9). Some platforms additionally include HDMI and/or eSATA.
  • Wireless interfaces standard to the SBC platform, including Wi-Fi
  • Color display, usually with touchscreen
  • DC voltage input via wall transformer
  • Hardware Reference Manual

Software on Development Platforms

  • Linux or Android operating systems, customized for the SECO USA COTS embedded computing platform
  • Integrated graphics support libraries, such as Qt and Gstreamer, for Linux platforms
  • Security enhanced libraries: SE Linux or SE Android
  • Complete SECO USA boot loader, Linux kernel and file system images for reverting to factory default
  • Boot loader, kernel, and file system source code, including the SECO USA customizations. This is typically organized as the microprocessor vendor’s standard OS release with SECO USA customizations as a set of patches
  • SECO USA software license
  • Software release notes and platform user’s guide

Development platforms also include engineering support.

What can I do with SECO USA’s development platforms?

Our Development Platforms are designed to allow rapid prototyping of your embedded device’s hardware and software.

Pre-loaded with Android or Linux, and configured with a display, serial and audio ports, hardware buttons, and an AC power adapter, our development platforms are ready for you to begin software development as soon as you receive them. Each development platform also includes source code for customizing the operating system, providing different capabilities depending on the needs of your embedded device.

For customers that need to create application-level software for Android or Linux, our development platforms ship with the necessary application-level SDKs. In addition, our Linux Development Platform provides the necessary cross-compiler for producing Linux binaries for a XScale target device using an x86-based host. While our Development Platforms do not provide the Microsoft Embedded Visual Tools suite needed for application development, Microsoft has made these tools available as a free download from their website.

What are the application areas for SECO USA’s products?

Our products can be used for almost any application. Customers have created handhelds for military, medical, security, instrumentation, and transportation applications, to name a few.

Client application diversity can be viewed through SECO USA’s case studies.

Can SECO USA support the display I want to use?

SECO USA’s platforms currently support a variety of LCD displays in various sizes. Our operating systems utilize both processor hardware accelerators and software algorithms to render display video, including rotation algorithms that allow displays to be used in portrait and landscape mode. Families of displays can be supported using display adapter cables or circuitry, or customized processor board circuitry where economically feasible.

Contact to inquire about a specific display.

What is the temperature range for your products?

SECO USA circuitry is designed and manufactured for industrial temperature ranges (-40 C to 85 C). The temperature range of a selected display may limit the operational temperature range, based on its specifications. SECO USA can help identify the a complete system solution to meet application temperature requirements. Please contact us for details.

How do I create packaging for my handheld?

SECO USA boards are designed to be easily mounted inside standard and custom handheld packages. Mounting holes and rails are provided, and SolidWorks, Step, and IGES 3D CAD files are available. We also produce custom packaging, contact us for more details.


SECO USA offers 90 days of standard support. Extended support is also available.

Does SECO USA support debugging customer and third party applications?

Standard SECO USA technical support does not include debugging customer and/or third party applications. Customers who would like direct engineering support may purchase extended support or fixed priced contracts from SECO USA.

Please contact for more information.

Can I license SECO USA’s IP?

Yes, the intellectual property for SECO USA hardware and associated operating system software is available for licensing, as well as for volume purchasing. Our engineering services are also available to complement your development efforts. Please contact us to determine if IP licensing is the right solution for you.