BatterySmart®: SECO USA’s Power Management System

PDF ICONBatterySmart brochure (245kb)
Every SECO USA product ships with our patented BatterySmart® technology. In addition to low-power design and component selection, BatterySmart extends the life of portable and mobile devices through intelligent use of the processors’ Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS). All aspects of the FireFly, Fury, Siren, Fingertip5 and Fingertip4 hardware and software design work together to find the perfect balance between performance and battery life.

BatterySmart allows users to…

  • Automatically and dynamically adjust CPU clock speed based on the operating bandwidth requirements of your handheld device.
  • Understand the differences in power consumption at 100MHz vs. 520MHz.
  • Determine required computational bandwidth of your application software at different CPU clock speeds.
  • Understand how battery life is affected by plugging in a PCMCIA peripheral.
  • Reduce the computational bandwidth and power consumption while connecting to multiple peripheral devices.


Start-up CPU Speed Adjustment At device start-up, the BatterySmart software retrieves the desired base CPU clock speed and operating system timer tick interval and adjusts the core CPU clock speed and memory timings accordingly. Base CPU speed can be set from below 60MHz to over 200MHz, and timer tick interval can be adjusted to trade off device power consumption with device performance.
Advanced Idle Mode
In addition to providing support for the standard CPU Idle modes, BatterySmart incorporates accurate OS kernel-level Idle measurements, which are used to measure CPU computational bandwidth and other parameters.
Dynamic CPU Speed Adjustment
OEMs can set parameters that dictate run-time, on-the-fly adjustment of CPU clock speed. For example, parameters can be used to set the CPU for: full-speed always, half-speed always or full-speed unless CPU bandwidth drops below a specified threshold for a specified period of time.
Performance-Turned Core Software Drivers
Those software drivers that use CPU clock speed to set up timings (such as PCMCIA, Compact Flash and LCD display drivers) are architected to dynamically adjust their settings at startup, as a function of base CPU clock speed.
Optimized Peripheral Software Drivers
Serial port (RS-232, SPI, audio codec) software drivers access a kernel-level system-wide resource manager that is designed to intelligently share CPU hardware resources. The result is peripheral software drivers that reduce both power consumption and CPU computational bandwidth simultaneously, while allowing multiple peripherals to be active at the same time
Run-Time Power/Performance Measurement Utilities The BatterySmart control panel applet demonstrates access to the BatterySmart API and, additionally, adds application-level utilities for graphing and logging device performance and power consumption.

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