Award-Winning Device Completes First Semi-Automated System for HPV Screening of Women in Low-Resource SettingsPDF ICON

Based on SECO USA’s Fingertip4 SBC and utilizing Microsoft .NET compact framework, SECO USA created a language independent test controller for the revolutionary system.

New AUDICOR® 200 Based on the SECO USA Elf3 Platform

Oceana Integrated Technologies Deploys New Submersible Personal Safety/Navigation Unit to US Navy Seals

Based on SECO USA’s Fingertip3 platform the RPDA shadows the competition with its long list of added features.

ViaSat MIDS Flight Recorder for Fighter Aircraft

PXA255-Based MILSPEC Device Provides Interface in Extreme Environments

Ahura’s First Defender

SECO USA’s Fingertip3 used in the real-time identification of WMDs, explosives, narcotics, and toxic industrial chemicals.

Measurand’s ShapeWrap II Motion Capture System

Wireless system based on SECO USA’s Elf3 captures body motion for animation.

VoxTec’s Phraselator P2 – Empowering Communication

SECO USA’s low power platform and the P2 enable worldwide communication

DetNet’s HotShot – Next-Generation Electronic Detonation

SECO USA’s Elf3 manages robust, portable detonation platform

Rajant’s Roaming Emergency Communications Network

SECO USA’s Elf3 enables Rajant’s rapidly-deployable wireless network infrastructure products

GPS Industries Inforemer®

Elf-Based GPS Communications Device Significantly Enhances the Game of Golf

industrial tablet pc

RLW, Inc. Develops S2NAP™

Small, Smart Networkable Appliance based on SECO USA’s Elf2

>Draper Lab Develops Ultra-Small Autonomous Robot

DARPA-Sponsored Project Incorporates SECO USA’s Low-Power Solutions

Soldier’s Handheld Integrates GPS and Wireless

Booz Allen Hamilton Develops Software and Designs Ruggedized Devices for Harsh Foot Mobile Environments…