SECO USA’s Elf3 platform manages this robust, portable, and reliable detonation platform with auto-detection features

About the HotShot…
As the market leader in electronic initiation systems, DetNet is constantly changing the way the world mines. DetNet’s goal is to stay ahead of market trends by developing innovative new technology for programmable electronic detonators.

The introduction of electronic detonators such as HotShot has given the mining industry blast optimization tools that were previously unavailable. HotShot provides users with the ability to fine-tune blasting results to meet specific operational requirements, which has led to a greater level of blasting confidence.

“SECO USA’s Elf3 platform provides the compact size and extended peripheral support that we need for our HotShot electronic detonation products.
– Hennie van Niekerk, Electronics Engineer, DetNet

DetNet is the world’s leading supplier of electronic detonator systems and blast control networks, currently selling more systems than any other supplier. DetNet’s low-power HotShot enables customers to achieve the precision timing benefits of fully programmable electronic detonator systems with the simplicity of current pyrotechnic systems. The HotShot Electronic Initiation System is a world-class blasting system using cutting-edge electronics and software techniques. It provides easy-to-use blasting facilities in a safe and reliable fashion.

The key innovative feature of the HotShot is its auto-detection functionality, allowing the control equipment to automatically detect the location of the detonators and the deployed connection method. Unlike other systems that require users to identify individual detonators, users of HotShot no longer need to log the position of each detonator in the blast sequence. HotShot’s solution is due to on-board blast design software that guides users through the blast design process by means of easy-to-follow prompts. Another unique feature of HotShot is its ability to visualize the firing order by detecting the layout of the connected detonators on the surface.

This impressive array of functionality on the HotShot is controlled via SECO USA’s Elf3 platform with Intel’s PXA255 processor and Microsoft’s Windows CE operating system. Through the Windows CE user interface on the Elf3, DetNet has implemented a self-explanatory wizard- like test and blast design menu.

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