SECO USA’s Fingertip3 platform used in the real-time identification of WMDs, explosives, narcotics, and toxic industrial chemicals.

About FirstDefender…
First Defender employs a unique and patented Raman spectroscopy methodology to accurately identify thousands of solids and liquids on-site.

The four pound device is entirely self-contained – including main computer, sensors, and battery – and is waterproof and shock-resistant. It has a typical battery life of 5 hours and uses a point-and-shoot technology to identify substances in air and through bags and bottles, without the user or the spectrometer being exposed to the substance.

First Defender sets the standard for accuracy, applicability, durability ruggedness and usability, exceeding everything available in today’s market. It is the platform of choice for first responders.

“Our customer demanding requirements in terms of battery life, size, weight, and reliability led us to select SECO USA’s low-power Fingertip3 platform for the First Defender.”
– Kevin Knopp, Director of Engineering, Ahura

Ahura Safety Corporation ( is an acknowledged industry leader in portable optical solutions for the homeland security, life sciences, industrial, and communications markets. Ahura has launched The First Defender, a rugged handheld instrument for use by first responders in the identification of unknown liquids and solids. First Defender is designed to the rigorous requirements of the military and optimized to the needs of civilian first responders. It is entirely self-contained, rugged, lightweight, and easy to use, and is the only truly handheld instrument for on-site identification of unknown solids and liquids.

AhuraBased on Ahura’s proprietary optical engine technology, the key innovative feature of First Defender is its ability to accurately identify WMDs, chemical weapons, explosives, toxic chemicals, white powders, narcotics, contraband, and forensic material. First Defender’s straightforward user interface and ability to rapidly analyze chemicals in a non-destructive manner are critical to ensure end user safety and appropriate results-based response scenarios.

First Defender, a rugged handheld, based on SECO USA's Fingertip3 platformFirst Defender’s notable range of functionality is built around SECO USA’s low-power Fingertip3 board-level handheld device platform. Based on Intel’s PXA255 processor and Microsoft’s Windows CE operating system, the Fingertip3 also supports a variety of peripheral interfaces including Compact Flash and Secure Digital sockets, plus multiple serial ports and LCD displays.

Fingertip3’s extensive set of peripherals, combined with Ahura’s advanced technologies and SECO USA’s BatterySmart power management software, provide the features and extended battery life that are essential for Ahura’s demanding customer base.