Wireless system based on SECO USA’s Elf3 platform captures body motion for animation and other applications

About ShapeWrap II…
The sensing technology behind Measurand’s ShapeWrap II is based on fiber optics and was originally developed and patented in the early 90s by Measurand’s founder and President. The sensors measure shape as a set of positions and orientations along a curve or throughout an area or volume.
Coupled with Measurand’s sophisticated PC-based analysis software, ShapeWrap II can measure and analyze static poses and high-speed events and is specifically designed to be portable, durable and affordable.
“We chose SECO USA’s Elf3 platform for ShapeWrap II because of its expandability and its low-power design. SECO USA’s support has been very helpful in allowing us to achieve a low-profile, extended battery life product.”
– Murray Simpson, Software Developer, Measurand

Measurand is the leading provider of affordable and portable systems for capturing human body motion. Measurand manufactures and sells innovative fiber optic based shape sensors and shape-sensor arrays to a variety of markets including automotive safety, entertainment, educational, and research worldwide. A major Measurand product is ShapeWrap, a whole-body portable motion capture system that utilizes SECO USA’s Elf3 to collect and transmit data in real-time.

The ShapeWrap II system is Measurand’s second-generation platform for motion capture. A significant improvement over rigid exoskeletons, ShapeWrap II offers a mocap system based on ShapeTapes that flex instead of breaking on impact. By conforming to limbs instead of following rigid paths, ShapeWrap II moves with the body to capture fine details of shape on a wide variety of body types. ShapeWrap II is field portable, wireless, and durable.

Wireless system ShapeWrap II based on SECO USAs Elf3 platform captures body motion for animation and other applicationsWireless system ShapeWrap II based on SECO USAs Elf3 platform captures body motion for animation and other applicationsSECO USA’s Elf3 is at the heart of the wearable computer for the ShapeWrap II, and interfaces with all sensors via a sophisticated data acquisition system. The data acquisition board plugs directly into the Elf3 and provides multiple channels of input to accommodate the many sensors incorporated into the ShapeWrap II. Via the Elf3’s dual PCMCIA slots, the ShapeWrap II incorporates commercial WiFi wireless communications and bulk storage. With its low-power operation, small size, and low weight, the Elf3-based wearable computer is less bulky and can operate for hours at a time, acquiring motion data and wirelessly transmitting it to a PC for further analysis.

The Elf3’s power-optimized design coupled with its rich peripheral support and high performance processing capabilities provide a unique computing platform on which Measurand has built an innovative and high-quality product that is used in industries as diverse as animation, virtual reality, and geosciences.