OIT’s RPDA based on SECO USA Fingertip3 Platform

About the RPDA…
This portable navigation and safety device was developed with the specific intention of aiding military or commercial divers and submersible vehicles. The RPDA can be mounted on an arm, hand carried, or attached to a swim board and it provides up to eight hours of continuous use in a fully active state, all while providing the user with twelve GPS channels, depth and heading sensors, and the durability to meet the most stringent military durability standards. The RPDA comes equipped with a TFT display that provides 640X480 resolution or higher, is submersible up to 50 meters, and functions between -20°C to 45°C. Three RS232 and IR connections are also available onboard to give the user the ability to update the RPDA with the latest software releases. “The cornerstone of the RPDA, the Fingertip3 by SECO USA, has provided us with the necessary peripherals and the rugged stability to allow us to develop a unit that meets or surpasses the rigors of the military standards” noted Yehuda Harel of Oceana.

Oceana Integrated Technologies, based in Israel, is a major supplier and developer of high technology products for a large number of military, homeland security, and industrial systems customers. Specializing in the custom design of rugged portable computer systems that adhere to both MIL-STD-810E environmental and MIL-STD-461D standards, Oceana is the supplier of choice for military Special Forces units around the world. With the ability to provide its customers with customized innovative designs, Oceana allows small specialized military units to obtain individualized products in a short amount of time and at a competitive price. An example of this capability is seen with the latest OIT release: the RPDA which is now undergoing field testing by the United States Navy Seals.

At the core of the RPDA’s durability and functionality is the Fingertip3 single board computer. It provides the smallest (60mm X 86mm), most complete handheld solution available on the market. With onboard GPS, Bluetooth, USB, battery charging and an array of available serial ports and I/O pins, the Fingertip3 platform surpasses the competition. Despite its highly sophisticated capabilities, the Fingertip3 consumes as low as 350 mW in full functional mode with the help of SECO USA’s BatterySmart® system software.


SECO USA, Inc. is a leading provider of low-power, embedded system-level software and hardware technologies to a variety of markets including military, medical, industrial and commercial. SECO USA provides run-time power management software and hardware/software reference platforms to developers of next generationhandheld wireless devices such as cellular telephones, PDAs, wearable computers, and smart sensors. SECO USA’s Fingertip3, Fingertip4, Elf3, and BatterySmart products are designed around industry-leading technologies such as Intel’s XScale microprocessors and Linux and Microsoft’s Windows CE operating systems.

For more information regarding SECO USA’s Fingertip3 or other exciting standard or custom-engineered products, please visit seco-usa.com. For inquiries about Oceana’s RPDA visit [Edit 2013: link removed; no longer valid.]