SECO USA’s feature-rich Elf3 low-power platform enables Rajant’s line of rapidly-deployable wireless network infrastructure products

About Rajant…
Rajant’s BreadCrumb technology has been created by blending commercially available technologies with Rajant’s strong systems integration, software, and mechanical engineering skills.
By leveraging standards such as WiFi and products such as SECO USA’s Elf3, Rajant has been able to focus its attention where it is most needed – designing and servicing a complete rapidly-deployable wireless networking solution. The Elf3’s base of peripherals and low-power design provide the basis for a well-built solution in a critical market.
“SECO USA’s low-power Elf3 platform has all the features Rajant needs for the BreadCrumb wireless networking products, and SECO USA’s solid military customer base is a strong testament to the ruggedness and strength of their products.”
– Jim Washington, President, Rajant

Rajant Corporation is an expert provider of rapidly-deployable wireless networks for military personnel and civilian first responders. Rajant’s solutions are used extensively by Federal, State, and local Governments in a variety of settings, from disaster recovery to emergency response.

With its proprietary BreadCrumb ® wireless LAN line of products, Rajant has overcome the inherent complexities of wireless data networking. With the push of a single button, the Breadcrumb wireless access point devices immediately establish a multi-unit seamlessly integrated wireless mesh network. Such capabilities are critical for setting up and maintaining wireless networks in frontline military and civilian disaster scenarios.

With BreadCrumb wireless LAN line of products, Rajant has overcome the inherent complexities of wireless data networking.Rajant uses SECO USA’s Elf3 reference platform as the heart of a line of multiple BreadCrumb products, taking advantage of the Elf3’s rich peripheral support, including dual PCMCIA slots and multiple serial ports. Through these ports, wireless LAN cards are integrated into the self-powered and ruggedized BreadCrumb devices allowing access via any WiFi-compliant network node. To achieve long distance wireless links, the Elf3’s dual PCMCIA slots were critical, especially the Elf3’s advanced high-efficiency, high-current PCMCIA power supply. With this power supply, wireless LAN cards with increased transmission power are used in the BreadCrumbs to support a wider communications radius and therefore minimize the number of ground stations and setup time.

With SECO USA’s low-power designs, the BreadCrumb products provide over 8 hours of battery life, which is vital in emergency situations, and makes the BreadCrumb the tool of choice for rapidly-deployable wireless communications network infrastructure.