SECO USA’s low-power platform and the P2 enable people around the world to communicate through a unique new handheld translation device

About the P2…
VoxTec’s Phraselator technology was originally developed under a grant from DARPA. Over the past several years, VoxTec has dramatically refined and improved the Phraselator product line, culminating in the new P2.

VoxTec has successfully integrated the P2 with frontline troops and the device is used in a variety of battlefield environments. With its modular design approach, the P2 can incorporate a variety of different peripherals and with SECO USA’s BatterySmart dynamic power management software technology, the P2 offers extended battery life.

“The P2 benefits from the strong engineering expertise at both VoxTec and SECO USA. With SECO USA’s unique capabilities in designing low-power hardware and software, the P2 provides an excellent user experience .”
– Mark Cosgrove, VP of Engineering VoxTec International, Inc.

VoxTec is a leading developer of handheld language translation devices, offering ruggedized high-performance solutions built upon individual customer needs.

VoxTec’s original Phraselator ® 1100 – developed with Intel’s StrongARM ® processor running Microsoft’s Windows CE 3.0 – was limited in capabilities and battery life. To overcome the limitations of the Phraselator 1100, VoxTec required that the next-generation device be based on the latest hardware and software technology with improved production quality, an increased feature set including a high-quality LCD display, and longer battery life.

As the Phraselator 2 (P2) design cycle began, VoxTec held an open competition to award a contract to develop the electronics and system software for the device. VoxTec selected SECO USA because of SECO USA’s innovative technology and engineering expertise specifically in the area of low-power handheld wireless devices.

SECO USA's low-power platform and the Phraselator P2 enable people to communicate through a unique handheld translation deviceThe P2 is based on a highly customized version of SECO USA’s Fingertip3 reference platform and incorporates Intel’s PXA255 XScale processor and Microsoft’s Windows CE 4.2 operating system. It has a larger storage capacity than the original Phraselator 1100, plug-and-play peripherals, and an ATFT display. The P2 runs SECO USA’s BatterySmart power management software, which extends the device’s battery life.

The P2 also incorporates a unique high-fidelity audio subsystem designed in partnership with VoxTec and SECO USA, which results in more accurate speech recognition, and has an expanded phrase library of 30,000 phrases in more than 40 languages. Its portable size and long battery life coupled with its speech recognition and translation capabilities make the P2 an indispensable tool for soldiers, who are already using it extensively in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other hotspots.