ingerboard: Expanding Fingertip Products

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Fingerboard is an off-the-shelf daughter card designed to extend the capabilities of SECO USA’s Fingertip4 and Fingertip5 single board computers. Fingerboard supplies easy-to-use connections to standard peripheral interfaces including: RS-232, USB Host, USB Client, Ethernet, GPIO’s, audio and temperature measurement. In addition to on-board headphone and microphone jacks and USB ports, Fingerboard is equipped with header interfaces to all the input and output signals for cabling to internal devices or specialized connectors. Fingerboard supports multiple displays including on-board connectors for LCD displays from NEC, Sharp, Hatachi, and EDT, as well as OLED displays by Okaya. Fingerboard continues SECO USA’s low-power, high performance tradition of small form factor design by maintaining the same total package footprint as many 4.3’’ displays. The versatility of Fingerboard’s form factor and functionality is ideal for a range of handheld, wireless ultra-mobile designs.

SECO USA’s BatterySmart dynamic power management software technology is as tightly integrated with the Fingerboard expansion board as it is with the Fingertip main systems, which allows develops to control both low- and high-level issues related to performance and power consumption. Fingerboard with BatterySmart allows developers to create very small, robust, low-power handheld wireless devices, including PDAs, SmartPhones, smart sensors, wearable computers, industrial computers, MIDs and UMPCs.

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