Industrial computers are built with sustainability in mind. An industrial computer must be stable, durable and able to within stand harsh environments while meeting the needs of a variety of requirements within the market. Such market uses include those of: military, manufacturers, in-flight operations, field services, medical, warehousing and emergency responder services.

The next wave of technology in the industrial computers are industrial tablet PC. Eliminating the need for a keyboard or mouse, the industrial tablet is an ideal solution to the needs of these businesses and services. An industrial tablet must maintain the usability and durability of an industrial computers while offering a more compact, lighter and streamlined solution for businesses. These industrial tablet PCs are still required rugged, all while maintaining the full functionality of industrial computers; a challenge which many in the tablet market have risen to achieve.

Since 2000, SECO USA has been a leading provider of low-power embedded systems and software to OEM developers of handheld and wireless devices. SECO USA has created one of the most versatile industrial tablets on the market, combining over a decade of low-power, durable device experience with the revolutionary sunlight-readable Pixel Qi display to create the Hydra-T3. The compact design is light weight, ultra-low power and optimal for ODMs in the industrial, infotainment, military or medical industry. If you have any questions on how SECO USA can help you, contact SECO USA at 1-800-983-8441.

Tablets for Industrial Grade

If you have been tasked with purchasing tablets and other mobile technology for your company’s staff, you understand fully what a considerable task this is. When you buy a tablet for your personal use, you may simply walk into any electronics or computer store to explore the options and make your purchase. These standard devices, however, are not designed for commercial use or for use in an intense setting such as your industrial facility’s work environment. They may lack the protective features, power and overall user design that your workers need. SECO USA Electronics, Inc. carries an incredible selection of industrial tablets that have been specifically designed for industrial use, and you may easily be able to locate the right tablets for your needs in our selection.

SECO USA Electronics, Inc. is your source for the most innovative, durable and fully functional equipment designed for commercial use. We sell an incredible line of equipment designed for military, medical and industrial use. All of our equipment is manufactured by name brand technology companies, and we can customize or semi-customize an order to ensure that your equipment most fully meets the needs of your employees. You may need machines that are designed to accommodate certain peripherals, that have a certain amount of power or memory or that have other related features. While our full line of industrial tablets will accommodate most needs, we can customize an order for you if our products don’t meet your needs.

Our industrial tablets are wireless and entirely durable. They are designed for rugged use and may be waterproof, dustproof and have other features that are suitable or necessary for an industrial work environment. These tablets may be handheld in design or may be designed to be worn on your employees’ bodies for greater functionality.

It is important for you to find industrial tablets that fully meet all of your practical and functional needs, and SECO USA Electronics can help you to accomplish that. You simply have to browse through the selection of equipment available through our website, and our knowledgeable staff members are available to answer any questions and offer advice when needed.





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