Micron Enables Shrinking System with Freescale

July 21, 2015
Micron presents upcoming technology, focusing on a partnership between Fcreescale and SECO USA to create and showcase Freescale’s latest line of i.MX 6 products: Single Chip Modules.

Tiny SBC Runs Linux or Android on Dime-Sized i.MX 6 Module

June 24, 2015
The SECO USA Fury-M6, announced this week at the Freescale Technology Forum (FTF), appears to be the first board-level product to incorporate Freescale’s new dime-sized SCM-i.MX6D module.”

VIDEO: CES 2014: SECO USA demo’s rugged tablet’s functionality while under water

January 2014
At the Consumer Electronics Show, SECO USA display’s the durability of the Hydra-F6 tablet, by using the device fully submersed. The Hydra-F6 is MILSPEC, including [IP67] and is customizable.

Customizable Android tablet is MIL-SPEC rugged

December 6, 2013
SECO USA announced the Hydra-F6, a customizable, MIL-SPEC ruggedized, 7-inch, WSVGA tablet that runs Android 4.2 on a Freescale i.MX6 SoC.
SECO USA’s Hydra-F6 tablet is built around its Fury-F6 embedded board for the dual- and quad-core models and its similar Siren-F6 for the single-core version of the Cortex-A9-based Freescale i.MX6.

SECO USA Hydra-T3: Rugged tablet with outdoor visible screen

June 15, 2012
The Hydra-T3 from SECO USA is a rugged 7 inch tablet with a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, support for Google Android 2.3, Ubuntu 10.10, and Windows Embedded Compact 6. It also has a Pixel Qi LCD display which can be viewed in direct sunlight.

SECO USA rolls out the Hydra-T3 rugged tablet PC

March 29, 2012
Remember the ruggedized Orchard Toughlet slate PC we told you about a while back? As it turns out, it will have to compete with a new kid on the block: the recently introduced Hydra-T3 tablet manufactured by SECO USA. The reason we are mentioning those two together is that they both have military-grade toughness and sport a Pixel Qi sunlight-readable display.

Rugged tablet computer by SECO USA for military and industrial uses weighs 1.5 pounds

March 28, 2012
SECO USA Inc. in Rockville, MD, is introducing the 1.5-pound Hydra-T3 rugged table computer for military, medical, or other industrial or commercial uses. The rugged tablet is powered by SECO USA’s Fury embedded computing board based on the Texas Instruments DaVinci DM3730 microprocessor.

VIDEO: Mini Modules form SECO USA

May 25, 2011
Bill Wong of Electronic Design Magazine talks with Dan Rowland, of SECO USA, about their tiny module offerings…

CASE STUDY: Screening Device Saves Women’s Lives in Developing Countries

Mar 15, 2011
The careHPV test controller utilizes SECO USA’s COTs Fingertip4 single board computer and “runs on Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Real-Time OS”, providing a language independent user interface for a system that will potentially save thousands of lives.”

VIDEO: ESC Interview, Intel Atom Demo

May 17, 2010
Dan Rowland, [VP of Marketing] at SECO USA, demonstrates his company’s new Intel Atom-based single-board computer (SBC).

Atomized SBC Slashes Price

Apr 21, 2010
The latest revision of the  FireFly, an Atom-processor-based single board computer (SBC), reemerges with a significantly lower price tag. Reporting comparable performance to netbooks at a fraction of the power, it also lays claim to being the industry’s smallest full-function embedded SBC.
Electronic Design

Low-Cost Intel Atom Mini-Motherboard

Apr 9, 2010
SECO USA, a low-power embedded solutions provider for OEMs of wireless and handheld devices, announces the latest revision of their Atom-based full-function single board computer (SBC), FireFly, at a significantly lower price.
Low-Power Design

World’s smallest single board computer is Intel Atom-based

Aug 13, 2009
SECO USA, not many would know them well, have developed an interesting concept of a fully-functional Intel Atom-based single board computer with power numbers running as low as 4.5 watts. Reaching such efficiency, makes this ultra-novel SBC the world’s most power-efficient system and the size as small that it is also the smallest in the world.
Gizmo Watch

SECO USA creates most efficient Atom based SBC

Aug 13, 2009
This is something interesting, a company has created an Atom based system board that can operate at just under 4.5 Watts. The company’s name is SECO USA, they put together a system board they are calling firefly. This is the world’s smallest and most power efficient Atom single board computer.

Atom-based SECO USA FireFly SBC Promises Netbook-level Performance at a “Fraction” of the Power

Aug 12, 2009
Engadget reports: SECO USA has managed to break out from the pack a bit with its new FireFly board, which the company claims is the world’s ‘smallest and most power efficient full-function Atom-based SBC.’ […] FireFly packs both on-board DDR2 and expansion capabilities, which […] could also mean that the eventual products will be smaller than your average handheld / UMPC / MID as well.”

Meeting the Challenges of Portable Military Devices with Low-Power Design Techniques

Mar 2009
SECO USA’s featured article focuses on the strict requirements of today’s military devices and how designers can focus on specific feature and component selection, utilize hardware management and select power-efficient displays and software to create successful, SWaP conscious mil-spec devices.
Military Embedded Systems

SECO USA Participates in Embedded Computing Conferences

Feb 27, 2009
SECO USA, a provider of low-power, small-form-factor embedded systems for OEMs, announced that it is participating in RTC Group’s Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conferences.
Test & Measurement Worlds

Army invests $50 million in flexible displays

Jan 29, 2009
SECO USA develops on of the first handheld devices using flexible display technology.

SECO USA Launches Eco-Friendly Initiative with SECO USA goes Green

Jan 6, 2009
SECO USA, a leader in low-power embedded solutions for OEMs, launches SECO USA goes Green, taking steps to decrease the environmental impacts of embedded technologies.
Embedded Computing Design

Portable Processing Power

Oct 2008
FireFly featured: “High-performance and patented battery technology let device designers achieve functionality, low power, and efficiency in a single-board solution.”
Appliance Magazine

Roundup: Intel Atom-based Boards, Systems, and Tools – Getting Connected and Displayed

Sept 2008
Industry publication features SECO USA’s FireFly in a roundup of Atom-based products. “For developers that make Ultra-Mobile PCs (UMPCs), Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), and other portable devices, SECO USA offers the FireFly…It also includes SECO USA’s BatterySmart technology, which extends devices life…”
PC/104 and Small Form Factors

Mobile Dev Board Sports Atom Z530

Aug 18, 2008
Linux authorities highlight SECO USA’s FireFly: “SECO USA announced an Intel Atom-based board targeting developers of UMPCs (ultra-mobile PCs) and MIDs (mobile Internet devices). Efficiency in a single-board solution.”

SECO USA Featured in “Insider’s Guide: Embedded Boards and Systems”

July 14, 2008
SECO USA featured in embedded industry guide by Eg3.com Senior Editor, Jason McDonald, in which he “overviews the board ecosystem, analyzes survey data from real board and systems users, and has interviews with key market players on today’s critical issues.” For full guide.

SECO USA Announces the Intel Atom Processor-Based FireFly

Apr 10, 2008
“SECO USA, Inc., a leader in low-power handheld and wireless device platforms for OEMs, today announces the SECO USA FireFly system. The system is based on Intel’s new low-power processor and chipset, the Intel Atom processor Z500 series and Intel System Controller Hub (SCH) US15W. The Intel Atom processor is an Intel® architecture product designed from the ground-up, which consumes 1/10th the power of ULV single-core Intel processors.”
PC /104 and Small Form Factor

Infantry to lead the way with a new PDA

 Sept 18, 2007
A collaboration between military R&D and industrial designers is bringing state-of-the-art PDA technology to Joe Snuffy out on the battlefield.
Crave/CNET Network

SECO USA introduces the Soldier e-ink Military PDA

 Sept 17, 2007
SECO USA’s and Natick SSC Solider Flex PDA Featured on Engadget, a web magazine with daily coverage of everything new in gadgets, electronics and technology.

Natick SSC and SECO USA Announce PDA Using Revolutionary Flexible Display

 Sept 17, 2007
SECO USA, Inc. (Rockville, MD), a leader in handheld and wireless device platforms for OEMs, the Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center (Natick, MA) and Army Research Lab, Sensors Electronic Device Directorate (Adelphi, MD), today announced at the Embedded Systems Conference the completion of the first general-purpose, military-grade PDA utilizing low-power, flexible display technology.
Military Embedded Systems

SECO USA’s ATP for Monahans Platform

 Oct 4, 2006

Highlights from SECO USA’s demonstration of the all new ATP for Monahans Platform based on Intel’s new 800 MHz processor.
Electronic Design

Fingertip4 Featured in August 2006 Military & Aerospace Electronics Magazine

 Aug 2006

SECO USA’s new Fingertip4 is listed in the August 2006 issue of Military & Aerospace Electronics magazine for the development of handheld devices to be embedded in unmanned vehicles.
Military & Aerospace Electronics

SECO USA Included June 2006 eg3 e-clips

 June 2, 2006
SECO USA ATP – Monahans Platform Family platform is featured in this months eLetter.

FingerTip 4 credit card sized platform moves to PXA270 MPU

 Jan 3, 2006
At the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston, Ma., SECO USA took the wraps off its Fingertip4 handheld and wireless device platform, a credit-card sized embedded platform based on Intel’s StrongArm-based Xscale PXA270 CPU.

Wearable computers and the military: The smaller the better

 Nov 18, 2005

Designers of small, embedded electronics for wearable computer applications for the military see their market growing and the government allocating more dollars.
Military & Aerospace Electronics

Embedded Systems Power Management by Processor Performance Adjustment

 June 8, 2005

SECO USA weighs in on understanding the true device-level design of a system’s electronics and how to increase battery life without appreciably increasing the size, weight or cost of the design.
COTS Journal

Military/aerospace products roundup

 Mar 13, 2005 

SECO USA’s Elf3 low-power electronics core from requires only batteries, an enclosure, and a display to create a PDA or wireless handheld with onboard Bluetooth and GPS, three serial ports, a 20-bit audio codec, and dual PCMCIA peripheral support.
Electronic Products

Physical Issues Complicate Portable Device Designs

 Dec 18, 2004
While mobile hand-held military devices rely on consumer electronics inside, their external mechanical design and test processes involve rigors far beyond what’s acceptable in the consumer space.
COTS Journal

US Navy, SECO USA Develop Intelligent Power Module for Wireless Sensors/h3>
 Nov 30, 2004
SECO USA, Inc., a leader in handheld and wireless device platforms for OEMs, announced that it has received a contract from the United States Navy for the second phase of a project to develop an intelligent power module for wireless smart sensors.
Embedded Star

System view of core clock frequency, voltage

 Nov 1, 2004
Article by SECO USA experts focuses on advanced techniques for frequency/voltage adjustment.
EE Times

Wireless multimedia platform uses newest XScale

 Sept 23, 2004
SECO USA plans to launch in October a hardware reference design for handheld and wireless devices. The new ATP-27X will use an Intel XScale PXA270 (formerly “Bulverde”), an ARM-based SoC (system-on-chip) optimized for wireless mobile multimedia applications. The ATP-27X supports Windows CE, and targets top-tier OEMs, SECO USA says.

Wireless multimedia platform uses newest Intel XScale

 Sept 22, 2004
SECO USA will launch a hardware reference design for handheld and wireless devices. The new ATP-27x will use an Intel XScale PXA270 (formerly “Bulverde”), an ARM-based SoC (system-on-chip) optimized for wireless mobile multimedia applications. The ATP-27x supports Linux, and targets top-tier OEMs, SECO USA says.

The future SECO USA

 Aug 13,2004
Rockville electronics firm lends power to Army’s Future Force Warrior program.
Washington Business Journal

New Dog Tags for G.I.’s

 Aug 3, 2004
The government recently contracted with four private companies to reinvent the dog tag to contain a wireless chip that carries medical and other key information that can be retrieved by a medic using a handheld device.
INC Magazine

Dynamic power management software cools Windows CE handhelds

 June 30, 2004
SECO USA’s version 3 of its dynamic power management software for handheld and wireless devices is slated for release this summer. The latest version of SECO USA’s BatterySmart software, includes “major new technologies in dynamic run-time power and performance management.” .

Systems Approach Extends Battery Life Suit Military Apps

 June 29, 2004
Batteries have a direct effect on mission life, size and weight of portable designs. A systems approach to power management can extend battery life.
COTS Journal

IT for GIs: Rockville Firm Bidding to Make Futuristic Dog Tags for Army

 Apr 6, 2004
The dog tag is getting a techno upgrade, and SECO USA is in the running to put its ramped-up version around American soldiers’ necks.
Capital News Service

Wireless to help the wounded

 Apr 2, 2004
SECO USA to develop a Personal Information Carrier [PIC] which will embed all of a soldiers medical history, including x-rays, inside of a soldier’s dog tag.

CMP’s eeProductCenter has the Latest Fingertip3 News

 Feb 17, 2004
Fingertip3’s low-power features are highlighted on new web-site from the editors of EETimes.
EE Product Center

A bird SECO USA spells Xscale ultra-portability

 Feb 11, 2004
“It’s unlikely you’ve heard of this company, but if you’re designing very low power, ultra-small form-factor, or battery powered products, it might pay for you to learn more SECO USA. Basically, SECO USA crafts small and low-power OEM platforms that can be used as the basis for handheld and wireless end products.”
EE Times

Elf3 is one of EDN’s Hot 100 for 2003

 Dec 11, 2003
SECO USA Electronic’s Elf3 mobile-device-development platform has been named one of EDN’s Best 100 Products of 2003 in the Embedded Tools Category.
EDN Magazine

Embedded processor boards for handheld computers

Nov 5, 2003
Choosing an embedded processor board for use in a handheld device requires attention to two very important features: power consumption and size.
Electronic Products Magazine

EDN hands-on project: Get a grip: connecting mobile devices

 Oct 2, 2003
With the rapid convergence of handheld electronics and wireless technologies, designers are scrambling to meet the surging demand for new mobile devices.
EDN Magazine

Advanced Power Management R&D Contract for SECO USA

 Sept 25, 2003
SECO USA will leverage its significant base of patent-pending intellectual property in power control, distribution, and management for handheld and wireless devices to develop new methodologies and products to optimize energy delivery for future smart sensor systems.

XScale Platform Simplifies Designs

 June 9, 2003
Putting together a compact, portable device is no easy task, but starting with SECO USA’ Elf3 platform can greatly simplify the job.
Electronic Design

Windows CE heads for the battle field

 May 20, 2003
Microsoft’s Windows CE operating system and SECO USA’s low-power hardware/software technology have been licensed by Raytheon’s Precision Guidance Systems (PGS) Division for use in a new handheld GPS receiver being developed for the US Army.

Scale-based reference platform extends power management

 May 15, 2003
SECO USA announced the immediate availability of the Elf3 platform based on the new XScale PXA 255, running at up to 400 MHz. The design is coupled with power management hardware and software technologies to extend battery life.

Software Matters For Power Consumption

 Feb 4, 2003
Whether you are creating an operating system, firmware, or even device drivers, the way you write the software could affect the power consumption of the resulting product. Nathan Tennies, SECO USA’s Director of Software Engineering, describes four approaches to minimizing power consumption through software.
Embedded Systems Programming

Building a Low-Power Handheld

 Dec 9, 2002
SECO USA’s experts focus on the hardware and software considerations to keep in mind when your engineering team is designing its next-generation device.

Powering Off

 Sept 3, 2002
Reducing battery consumption is the goal of Rockville, Md. based SECO USA.
Info World

Building a battlefield-ready PDA

 Aug 19, 2002
Andrew Girson, SECO USA’s CEO discussed using Linux with new handheld technology for the military (see right column).
CNET Radio

Linux World Preview

 Aug 9, 2002
With IT spending down and the U.S. economy struggling, Linux vendors at next week’s LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco will be fervently pushing the operating system as a way for companies to save scarce IT dollars.
Computer World

JTRS Program

 July 31, 2002
Developing a common system architecture for spectrum of tactical communications needs.
Military & Aerospace Electronics

Clock Scaling Conserves Energy

 July 9,2002
With the growing ranks of CPUs that feature dynamic adjustment of frequency and voltage, device designers are now looking to clock and voltage scaling as an important weapon in their arsenal of power-reducing design techniques.
EE Times

Sensors seen enabling new-age services

 May 22, 2002
Proliferating wireless data transmitters and sensors will be the enablers of a new information revolution.
EE Times

Update on Single Board Computers

 May 20, 2002
Take a quick look at some of the key issues dirving SBC market fragmentation and the expanding relam of tiny all-in-one SBCs…
Embedded Linux Journal

Handheld platform totes Bluetooth, GPS

 Apr 4, 2002
SECO USA Inc.’s handheld computing platform combines a Bluetooth transceiver, global- positioning system (GPS) receiver, color LCD controller and Intel StrongARM CPU in a package that consumes less than a watt of power.
EE Times

Handheld Devices, Wireless Communications, Remote Diagnostics: What’s it all Mean for Field Service?

 Mar 7, 2002
What activities might be commonplace for tomorrow’s mobile field force? Though predicting the future of field service is a daunting task, Girson tackels it with authority.
Geospatial Solutions Magazine

Source List: Single-board computers

 Mar 2, 2002
SECO USA is listed on the Source list for Single board computers.
Electronic Products Magazine

Embedded Linux Support for Elf Coming Soon

 May 1, 2001
At just 12 square inches Elf packs complete PDA functionality with extended peripheral support.