SECO USA provides commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) single board computers (SBCs), and engineering design services for customized electronic circuitry and full electronic device design. We specialize in compact, low power embedded electronics intended for medical, military, and industrial markets.

SECO USA’s single board computers comprise the core of the toughest handheld and wireless devices. Each architected for a particular application, minimized in size, nominal in power consumption and superior in performance, SECO USA platforms Fury-X SBC featuring i.MX 6 SoloXprovide a long term available processor, standard peripherals, and accompanying operating system software. SECO USA develops devices for military, medical, security, robotics, transportation, instrumentation, manufacturing, field operations, entertainment and many other applications.

Rich in peripheral support, SECO USA’s platforms allow developers to incorporate Wi-Fi,  Bluetooth, and cellular wireless interfaces, GPS, a wide variety of color displays with capacitive or resistive touch, and wireless connectivity. SECO USA also offers its engineering services to aid in product development that incorporates our boards, and CAD models to facilitate packaging. SECO USA’s platforms are available in volume production. SECO USA’s intellectual property may also be licensed.

SECO USA’s development platforms facilitate immediate product exploration, prototyping and development. These sophisticated products include feature-packed reference designs with display, board support packages, and software development kits that get your development efforts moving quickly.

SECO USA products are designed specifically for OEM developers of portable, wireless devices – where size, performance, and power consumption are key. SECO USA products offer full-featured solutions with advanced power management, based on today’s leading technologies.

SECO USA’s Fury-M6, Fury-X, and Fury-F6 embedded processor boards feature various SKUs of the NXP/Freescale i.MX 6 processor. The i.MX 6 is the workhorse of ARM processors for embedded long term availability with industrial and automotive temperature ranges, required for most military, medical, and industrial applications. Featuring quad, dual, and single core configurations with the Cortex-A9 instruction set, hardware assisted 2D and 3D graphics plus Fury-M6 featuring i.MX 6 Single Chip Module (SCM)H.264 video decode, and display drive up to 2048 x 1536, the i.MX 6 is the bedrock for low power, battery operated handheld, portable, or mobile devices and tablets. SECO USA optimizes each board design for low power, minimal board area, and price.

Single board computers for NXP’s next generation i.MX 8 processors, starting with the i.MX 8M, are in design. These boards will provide the latest in rugged ARM-based processing capability with 64-bit processor cores, up to 4K video, IoT-focused cellular support, and more.

In addition to offering COTS single board computers, SECO USA offers its expertise in low power, battery operated electronics as electronic design services requiring customized product. Our COTS boards can be customized for specific product requirements. SECO USA also designs and manufacturers fully packaged custom electronic devices, such as rugged tablets, portable and handheld devices. Our rigorous but streamlined design process facilitates the the capture of product use cases, translates these use cases into actionable product requirements, and proceeds through design, build, verification, certification testing, and transition to production. SECO USA’s in-house staff of  hardware, software, mechanical, system, and test engineers, along with experienced program managers, provides broad product development knowledge and experience under a single roof.

Whether seeking a COTS SBC to incorporate into your product, or a savvy engineering design team to jump start your product development through prototype or take it into production, SECO USA is available to serve. Contact SECO USA for an evaluation of your product design.