In addition to standard, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems, like the Fury-M6 and Fury-F6, SECO USA also offers semi-custom and custom systems to clients whose needs are best met by an optimized product. SECO USA is an expert in low-power, small size systems and has worked with a wide variety of customers on challenging products used in numerous industries, including military, medical and entertainment. While SECO USA cannot disclose many of the semi-custom and custom projects that we’ve completed, we can demonstrate a number that exemplify the diversity applications which SECO USA has delivered. If you are looking for small size, low-power and ultra-mobility, you have come to the right place![/two_third]

Semi-Custom Designs

Semi-custom designs are modifications of SECO USA’s COTS products, when a client requires some unique features but can leverage the bulk of an existing and proven board. SECO USA has developed a unique development process, called Modified COTS, which implements the semi-custom design for lower cost, less risk, and shorter schedules as compared to starting from scratch. Starting from a validated SECO USA design, existing schematics, circuit board artwork, mechanical models, and operating system code is updated for the required features.

SECO USA Custom Engineering Services

Semi-custom projects may include reconfiguration of SECO USA’s standard products, such as the Fury-M6™ and Fury-F6™ processor boards, and Hydra-F6™ tablet, or the modification of daughter cards that SECO USA includes within its associated development platforms. Typical customization include removing unneeded peripherals for cost, power and security reasons, adding peripherals needed for specialized applications, expanding input voltage ranges, updating displays, implementing specific connectors on board, meeting a specific mechanical form factor, and more. The hardware and software is then tuned to extend battery life.

Since semi-custom designs are based on SECO USA’s COTS platforms, a client’s engineers can immediately begin application development using an associated SECO USA development platform. Often, the development platform is customized to wire in or simulate new features implemented in the semi-custom design, allowing the application software to be largely prototyped and ready for system integration when the semi-custom design becomes available.

Typically a semi-custom board design makes sense for customers with volumes between requiring 300 to 5,000 or more units.

Custom Designs

Fully custom designs have unique requirements that minimize the amount of reuse possible from an existing SECO USA product. Therefore, a bottom-up new product design is undertaken.

Contact SECO USA for an evaluation of your product requirements and how we can get you to market for low cost, low risk and short schedule while achieving long term availability, high yielding and low return rate product.