For customers who are looking for complete, turn-key solutions, SECO USA offers full box builds.When creating full box builds, SECO USA works with customers to understand project requirements and time line. Custom projects, including full box builds, work according to SECO USA’s five-phase development process design management approach. This tested and proven successful approach, guarantees customers a quality product that is on-time, on-spec and on budget – with a dedicated and experienced project manager to bridge the communication between customers and engineers, while ensuring project checkpoints and overall completion and success.

Custom, full box build projects are supported for 90 days after production launch. Extended support packages are available.

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    Soldier Flex PDA
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    ViaSat MIDS Flight Recorder

  • Award-Winning Device Completes First Semi-Automated System for HPV Screening of Women in Low-Resource Settings.

  • Natick SSC and SECO USA electronics announces PDA using Revolutionary flexible display technology.

  • PXA255-Based MILSPEC Device Provides Interface in Extreme Environments

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