Support is available at every level to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our mechanical engineering group has years of experience integrating our hardware into packages that meet our customer’s specific requirements. Close relationships with outside vendors who provide rapid prototyping, machining, and injection molding help to accelerate the design cycle and get products to market.

Our versatility allows us to operate independently or as a natural extension to your design team. Our primary tool is SolidWorks a powerful and efficient 3D solid modeling software package combined with Finite Element Analysis (FEA), photo-realistic rendering, and remote design collaboration software. Files created in SolidWorks can be exported to a number of different formats to launch downstream documentation, prototyping, and production.

For those customers who already have an in-house mechanical engineering capability, we offer complete computer files for our board-level platforms. The board assemblies are typically provided in IGES or DXF formats, however, other formats are available upon request. These files will allow our boards to be easily dropped into your design without spending precious redrawing time.

Complete IGES and DXF files for the above boards are offered free with the purchase of SECO USA’s development platforms. If you are a customer and would like these files, send an email to