If you are looking for the best Android tablet for your military, medical or industrial market, you don’t
need to look any further than SECO USA. SECO USA has been a leader in the design
and manufacturing of rugged mobile devices for over a decade. As a leading ODM of rugged mobile
devices for OEMs, we strive to stay abreast of the newest technologies that will further enhance the
functionality of the devices we create.

Advantages of Android Rugged Tablet

As a provider of rugged Android tablets our products offer a solution to markets who require the
functionality of a commercial tablet and durability of a rugged computer. Our rugged tablets are
designed to be very lightweight, so they are easy to carry out into the field and comfortably to hold
throughout the day. While they are designed to be impermeable to water, chemicals and temperature
fluctuations, they are nonetheless incredibly functional. They boast a ten hour battery life and a Pixel
Qi display that is designed to be used under intense sunlight without draining the battery. They even
have a microphone, a 5MP camera and other commercial tablet features.

SECO USA provides Android tablets to those working in industrial, medical and military fields.
We are able to assist you with all orders for these rugged tablet PCs. For both smaller and larger
orders, our team can help you to obtain the high-quality, durable tablets that are perfect for your
needs. You can spend some time reviewing the product details online or can call our office directly
for more information. Take a closer look at our Android tablet features and specs; if you decide our
rugged PC tablets are your solution, please contact us.

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