There are a wide range of PC tablets that are designed for professional use, but not all tablet PCs are
suitable for all work environments. Some machines are required to have a specific set of features and
functions, including use outdoors and under extreme conditions. The Hydra-T3 rugged PC tablet from
SECO USA is the perfect solution for those requiring a durable tablet, such as manufacturing,
medical and military markets.

Why Use The Hydra-T3 Rugged PC Tablet?

The Hydra-T3 is an innovative PC tablet that is designed with a different type of work environment in
mind. This is a rugged and highly durable machine that can be exposed to the elements and that will
continue to function without fail. Military, medical or manufacturing environments often run the risk of
exposure to water, chemicals or other fluids; Hydra tablets are rugged PC tablets that will withstand
these conditions . The rugged tablets also tolerate exposure to extreme temperatures. Even the
computer screen is designed with rugged use in mind; it is visible even when sunlight shines directly
on it. These machines weigh under two pounds; designed for mobility. Doctors can carry them into
triage settings; researchers can use them outdoors at work sites; soldiers can use them in the field.

If you have been looking for the ideal PC tablet device for your needs, the Hydra-T3 may be the
rugged PC tablet you’ve been looking for. Consider taking a closer look at what it has to offer, and
compare its features against other PC tablet models available. This is a truly durable model that is
designed for functionality and convenience in the most intensive work environments. You will see that
it is the right model for your needs, and you can place your order through SECO USA today.

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