SECO USA's embedded circuit boards are designed for small, portable, and battery operated applications where power consumption and long term availability are critical. Most of SECO USA's boards are single board computers (SBCs) which can be used as standalone computing engines, without the need for a carrier. This eliminates the necessity of a second circuit board design and the cost and space required of stacking connectors. These commercial off the shelf (COTS) SBCs can be used without modification in embedded product. Additional functionality can be accessed via expansion connectors or a Modified COTS design based on the COTS circuit board. Microprocessor selection for each product is driven by four distinct requirements: long term supply chain availability, power efficiency, multimedia support, and extended temperature operation. SECO USA's historic SBC availability is more than seven years, with some processors being guaranteed for a minimum of 15 years. Power efficiency allows for battery operation over time periods consistent with most medical, industrial, and defense applications. Multimedia support enables complex human-machine interfaces (HMI) with high resolution displays, stereo audio, and touch input. Extended temperature operation is enabled via industrial temperature range (-40°C to 85°C) or automotive temperature range (-40°C to 125°C) processors. SECO USA's SBCs typically utilize high density headers for access to standard interfaces such as USB and Ethernet. By implementing standard connectors as either case-mounted or on a connector board and cabling back to the SBC, products are not mechanically constrained to connector placements made by SECO USA. In addition to extended temperature range, SECO USA utilizes connectors and assembly techniques that make our SBCs ideal for rugged applications, having been used in handheld, vehicle, ship, and aircraft applications.