Custom Rugged Tablets, Built to your Specifications

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SECO USA is an award-winning industry leader of power-optimized handheld and rugged device designs offering a great alternative to custom mobile solutions with customized tablets.

While commercially available tablets often lack key features or peripherals required by military, medical, and industrial markets, SECO USA’s custom tablets are built to customer specifications. Unlike commercial devices, SECO USA’s custom tablets can be designed to: excel in rugged environments, withstand drops and liquid immersion, accommodate restricted or specialized software configurations, respond to centralized fleet management software, and/or have a specific look and feel. Each custom tablet design is based on a verified SECO USA tablet; standard hardware, software, and mechanical operation has been completely debugged and validated. Peripherals, external connections, display resolution/size, enclosure, operating system, software configuration, and/or docking station can be modified and built to spec. And with SECO USA’s proven development process, your customized tablet is delivered from prototype to production at a lower cost, on a quicker schedule and with minimal risk.

Once delivered, the SECO USA Device Manager (IDM) software suite is available to manage your tablet fleet. IDM allows administrators to monitor and track device use and update software configurations in real time, as needed. SECO USA also offers remote updates, including over-the-air (OTA) via IDM, simplifying the task of maintaining device software in the field. 

Processors SECO USA COTS boards with a range of SKUs for number of cores and frequency ranges
Memory Range of DRAM and flash memory densities to optimize cost or provide future expansion
Display Flat panel displays from 3 inches to 12+ inches, with LVDS or MIPI-DSI interfaces; LCD backlight customization available to enable sunlight readability
Touch Screen Resistive or capacitive technologies, with protective glass or film
User Interface Define your own buttons – location, color, size, actuation, stenciling, function
Audio Line and/or microphone inputs; line or speaker outputs; Bluetooth headsets
Video LVDS, HDMI, Display Port, analog video input/output
Camera MIPI-CSI2 or USB interfaces; chooses your resolution and pixel format
Wireless Devices 802.11 b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.1, LTE/cellular, personal area network (PAN)
Standard Peripherals USB, Ethernet, RS-232, SATA, mini-PCI, SPI, I2C, CAN, GPIO
Special Peripherals Credit card reader, RFID, laser scanner, biometrics, data acquisition, etc.
Battery Optimize battery size and capacity for your application and use cases
Operating Systems Android, Linux, RTOS, other OS based on availability; customize to lock the system from unauthorized changes; custom splash screens on boot-up
Enclosure Size, shape, color, materials, ergonomics, external connections, logo, stenciling
Durability MIL-SPEC, FCC Part 15 compliance, immersion, shock survival, certification
Docking Form-factor, voltage inputs, external peripheral connectors, ruggedization
Fleet Management / OTA Updates Utilize SECO USA Device Manager for remote asset tracking by serial number, controlled software upgrades, GPS-based operation to prevent theft
Additional Options Contact SECO USA for additional custom options/unique project requirements

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