FireFly: Evolving Mobile Device Platforms with the Intel Atom SBC

PDFFireFly product brochure (1.73MB)

At a fraction of the size of a typical PC motherboard, the SECO USA FireFly™ is one of the most energy efficient, highest performing, complete solutions for OEM developers of ultra-mobile PCs, mobile Internet devices and other mobile battery operated devices. Built around an Intel Atom processor and System Controller Hub, the SECO USA FireFly can be used by itself or with an expansion board for application specific functionality. As a stand-alone board, the FireFly offers a full range of peripherals including: USB 2.0 Host, USB 2.0 Client, video output, serial port, touch screen Intel Inside controller, and microSD slot. Battery charging and wide voltage power input are available as well. For expandability, the FireFly has a daughter card connector with industry standard interfaces, such as PCI express, USB, SMBus and SDIO, making system integration easy.

The FireFly development platform provides the entry point for Intel Atom-based designs and comes with the hardware, software, and technical support that developers need to get their designs off the ground.

CPU Intel Atom Z510 processor, 1.1GHz and Z530 processor, 1.6GHz
Chipset Intel US15W System Controller Hub
Memory Up to 512MB or 1GB DDR2
Serial Ports 1 RS-232 on board
Hard Drive Interface 2 PATA interfaces (one on board, one supported on daughter card)
SATA Optional via daughter card or ExpressCard™
Digital I/O 16 general purpose I/O pins (8 interrupt capable)
USB 6 USB 2.0 Host ports and 1 USB 2.0 Client port via header
Wireless Peripherals 802.11 b/g WiFi option, Bluetooth 2.0 option and 20 channel GPS option (module)
Ethernet 10/100 802.3 Ethernet with RJ-45 connector
Expansion Slots 1 microSD on board; 1 microSD and 1 ExpressCard slots via module
Daughter Card Expansion Interface PCI-Express, 2 USB 2.0 Host ports, SMBus, PATA interfaces, system status lines, Intel SDVO port, LPC Bus and SDIO port
Audio Stereo speaker and headphone output, 1 analog and 1 digital microphone inputs
Touch Screen 4-wire and 5-wire resistive touch screen interface
Display Support 18 or 24-bit LVDS LCD support up to UXGA(1600 x 1200)
External display output support up to UXGA (1600 x 1200) on daughtercard
Multi-Media 3-D graphics acceleration, H.264, MPEG4
RTC Real-time clock on board with alarm wake-up functionality

Battery Support
Support for up to 14.4V, quad-cell LiIon/LiPolymer smart batteries, with hot swapping support
 Operating Systems  Windows Embedded Standard 2009, Windows Embedded 7, Red Hat Enterprise, Linux 6 and Linux
 Dimensions  95mm x 114mm
 Thickness  20mm
 Power Consumption  S3 (sleep)-approx. 500mW, S0 (running)-approx. 4.5W

Intel Atom Z5xx SBC
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