SECO USA Fury-M6: Tiny Single Board Computer Optimized for Industrial and Military Use

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Based on the NXP™ i.MX 6 quad or dual processor single chip module (SCM), SECO USA created the ultra-compact Fury-M6™ single board computer (SBC). The Fury-M6 offers an on-board LCD interface, resistive touchscreen interface, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth BLE, eMMC flash memory, battery management/charging, and sensor connection without the need for an additional carrier or daughter card. All this functionality is provided within a compact 2.75” x 2.0” circuit board outline. Additional peripheral interfaces are available via stacking connectors intended for connection to custom daughter cards.

The Fury-M6, with its tiny size and powerful i.MX 6 processor, is ideal for extreme space constrained applications that require local processing power, complex operating systems, or high performance graphics. Its wireless capabilities enable Internet of Things (IoT) applications while its graphics/display features allow for portable human interaction.
NXP SCM-i.MX 6 based Fury-M6 SBC block diagram

The SCM’s quad core Cortex-A9 provides up to 10,000 DMIPS of computational power while the GPU can be utilized for graphics rendering or general purpose computing via OpenCL libraries. This local computational capability allows for complex data analysis and decision making without the need for high latency and costly data uploads to a central server.

Example applications include: Portable medical diagnostics, autonomous vehicle/UAV control, portable cameras with image analysis, industrial sensors with data analytics, robotics.

SECO USA provides Linux and Android BSPs for the Fury-M6. A VxWorks 7 BSP is in development, and will provide a real time operating system (RTOS). The Fury-M6 development platform is available that includes the Fury-M6, display with touchscreen, BSP source code, and engineering support, and provides an quick and easy starting point for Fury-based designs.

For customers with specific product requirements, SECO USA’s engineering services can modify the Fury-M6 or create custom solution daughter cards for the Fury-M6 to meet specifications.


CPU NXP/Freescale Single Chip Module SCM-i.MX 6 Quad or Dual, featuring ARM Cortex-A9 800MHz cores, 2D and 3D graphics processing units, video processing unit, and OpenVG 1.1 accelerator provided
RAM 1 GB or 2 GB LPDDR2 Package-on-Package (soldered to the CPU)
On-Board Storage 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 GB eMMC flash
Serial 2 UARTs, 2 I2C to headers. 3 UARTs, 1 I2C, 1 SPI to stacking connector
USB 1 USB 2.0 OTG with micro USB connector; 1 USB 2.0 host to stacking connector/header
SDHC 1 SDHC (via stacking connector)
Security ARM TrustZone, Cryptographic Acceleration and Assurance Module (CAAM), true random number generator (within CPU)
Digital Audio 1 I2S digital audio interface (stacking connector, via IOMUX option)
Matrix keypad 2×2
GPIO 4 digital GPIO lines to headers
Ethernet Single 10/100/1000 Ethernet MAC (PHY can be implemented on daughter card)
Camera/Multi-Media MIPI-CSI2 (via stacking connector)
Display Support 1 LVDS output – up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200) with backlight control. MIPI-DSI and LCD parallel on stacking connector
Touchscreen 4-wire resistive controller
Battery Support Lithium ion battery input, battery charger, battery gas gauge
DC Power Input 4.75V to 5.25V DC Input
Temperature Operating temperature: -40 to 85°C
RTC Battery-backed real-time clock
Watchdog Hardware watchdog on board
Operating System(s) Linux 3.14 (or later), Android Lollipop 5.0 (or later), VxWorks 7 (coming soon)
Wireless Networking 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth BLE module
Sensors Accelerometer, magnetometer
Dimensions 2.75″ x 2.0″ (69.9mm x 50.8mm)

The following documents are available: Hardware Reference Manual, Android BSP Reference Manual, Linux BSP Reference Manual

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